Fish is a challenge for me. Where I grew up in Texas, fish choices were pretty much Long John Silvers or, for extra fancy, Red Lobster. As long as fish has crunchy batter breading on it and is served with hushpuppies, I’m fine — but since I don’t eat that stuff anymore, I’ve had to find new ways to appreciate fish.

A typical recipe for me is to take a white fish, sautee it in ghee with maitake and peas, top with scallions, and presto. But tonight we tried something different:

2 pounds fresh cod
1 bunch watercress
1/2 bunch parsley
1 small onion
5 cloves garlic
6 shiitake mushrooms
3 kumquats
salt, pepper

Chop the mushrooms and sautee in ghee. Add the small onion, diced, and the garlic, sliced. Once the mushrooms are starting to soften, put the fish in the pan. Add the juice of a lemon, salt, and pepper. Cover and allow to cook for a while on medium-low heat. Flip the fish after 10 minutes or so.

Once you can start to break up the cod (it will sort of come apart in thick “flakes”), add the watercress and parsley, chopped. Let it mix up together, and continue to cook until the greens are soft.

Serve with sliced kumquats on top!

The greens are mild and pleasant tasting, and any recipe with kumquats is automatic fun: so if fish is a challenge for you, give this a try!

(Leftover greens? Put them in the eggs in the morning, with onion and a mushroom. Delicious!)

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