Egg Nog

Think living dairy-free means you have to give up Egg Nog? Think again! We whipped up a batch of this great Nog at a recent party – everyone loved it!

Into a quart sized mason jar, put 4 egg yolks, and a generous shake of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Add a good amount of vanilla (yum!) and just a tiny pinch of salt. Fill the jar about an inch from the top with coconut milk, and add a tablespoon of maple syrup (or two, if you like it sweet!). Shake well. (We passed it around through all the party guests!)

Now, pour about half of the coconut milk-egg yolk mixture into a french press, and add rum. I added just about as much rum as there was nog, which was a bit too much. No problem though – it’s easy to adjust by adding in more Nog! Then press the “press” part down to filter out any clumped bits of spice.

And that’s all there is too it! I recommend making small batches, because it doesn’t keep well leftover. Also, in small batches, you can adjust the rum quantity for individual tastes.

Make sure that the rum you buy is gluten free – many use carmel color, which is not only an indication of a lesser quality rum, but also a potential gluten ingredient (some carmel color is made from gluten grains, some from corn, but you can’t be sure which they used unless you call the maker).

this article is part of our Surviving the Holidays with Food Allergies series

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