Podcast 062: Herbal Hygge

Hoo-ga? Hue-guh? However you pronounce it, hygge is big right now! And it makes sense: this time of year, we could all use a bit more comfort, coziness, and cuddly contentment as we contemplate the context of our current collective consciousness! . . . Or, uh, just have a nice way to find some warmth in the wintertime. ūüėČ But, how to make your hygge herbal? Listen & learn!

Herbs discussed include solomon’s seal, ginger, meadowsweet, self-heal, licorice, kelp, chamomile, elderflower, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom; and our wedding tea: tulsi, betony, rose, violet, & spearmint.

Mentioned in this podcast:


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