Podcast 087: Herbal Awareness Rituals for Everyone

This week we’re talking about something a bit different for us. If you’re a regular listener, you know we’re very interested in science and in the historical & traditional ways of working with plants. But there’s a side of plant medicine we don’t talk about too often, and that’s the spiritual & ritual side. The truth is, we do actually think a lot about these elements when we work with herbs! But perhaps not in the way you might expect… and that’s where herbal awareness rituals come in.

What we like best is to present a method for working with or taking the herbs in a manner that has ritualistic aspects. By stepping aside from the hustle & bustle of life, taking a moment to engage all your senses and all your attention & intention with the remedy, you enhance its effects manyfold. It is truly astounding how much this kind of practice enhances the work of the plants.

An herbal awareness ritual can be presented to the client, or person asking for help, in a variety of ways. Some of these will emphasize the “rational” aspects of ritual, drawing insights from the science of the placebo effect and deep psychology; others will emphasize the “magical” aspects, connecting to spiritual and religious traditions or experiences. Being fluent in all these languages is very helpful for an herbalist. We consider it an important clinical skill to be able to find ways to present a ritual practice to someone in the way they can accept.

All this & more in this episode!

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