Podcast 086: notCoffee – Katja’s Decaf Herbal Coffee Replacement

Coffee is surely America’s favorite herb. So many people rely on it as part of their morning ritual, and it’s easy to see why! The aroma, the flavor, the stimulation – there’s a lot to like. But what if caffeine gives you the jitters, or rumbly guts? You can go with simple decaf, but even better is an herbal coffee replacement – and Katja’s got a recipe we think you’ll love.

This “notCoffee” blend incorporates adaptogenic herbs along with plants that support circulation & fluid movement, digestion, and other critical processes for good health. It can give a boost to your energy levels, but not at the expense of your nutrient stores, and not in the “credit card” way that strong caffeinated drinks can do.

notCoffee is a flexible, customizable formula strategy you can alter to your own needs and tastes. We like it way better than the store-bought herbal coffee replacements. Learn all about it in this episode!

Herbs discussed include: angelica, ashwagandha, reishi, codonopsis, spikenard, rhodiola, dandelion, burdock, calamus, elecampane, pleurisy root, solomon’s seal, astragalus, maitake, and of course, coffee!

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