Podcast 088: Sweet Herbs & Their Medicines

Sweet herbs aren’t only flavoring agents – there’s real medicine in there. When an herb has a sweet flavor, that gives you information about the way it will affect the body. These herbs tend to be moistening, building, and restorative. They’re great for correcting dry, atrophied, or depleted states of health, whether those are constitutional tendencies or the result of an illness or injury.

In this episode we discuss a handful of our favorite sweet herbs. Each one has its own particular talents, but we can also see the consistent aspects of their medicines that can be traced back to their “sweet principles”. Even a little basic phytochemistry helps us understand why these taste sweet and how to best work with them. We also talk about sweet delivery methods like elixirs, electuaries, and herb-infused honey.

Don’t let sweet stop at sugar!

Herbs discussed include fennel, cinnamon, jiaogulan, codonopsis, goji, licorice, stevia, & astragalus.

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Our theme music is “Wings” by Nicolai Heidlas.

The stevia plant is an extremely sweet herb!

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