Spring Root Salad

It’s a liver tonic! It’s high in probiotic-friendly inulin! Not only that, it comes with its own probiotics! It’s crunchy and delicious! It’s exactly what you need this time of year!

Last night I was craving something a little different, and this is what came out of it. It’s a good thing I made such a big batch – I want to eat it all week! (In fact, I’m eating some right now while I type this!)

2 red beets
2 golden beets
2 carrots
2 burdock roots
2 daikon
a handful of sunchokes
one thumb of ginger
an apple
a small handful of raisins
3/4 of a jar of real pickles brand red cabbage sauerkraut
salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar

Chop the beets, burdock, and sunchokes small. Chop the ginger smaller. You could leave them raw, but I boiled them just for a couple minutes instead – just to soften them a little bit. Once they were boiled, we ran them under cold water to cool, and put them in the big bowl.

Chop the daikon, carrots, and apple small. Toss them in the bowl. Add 3/4 of a jar of red cabbage sauerkraut – I chopped this small too, just so that it wouldn’t overpower everything else.

Toss in the raisins. Using the cap of the bottle as a measure, add three caps full of apple cider vinegar, and salt and pepper to taste.

Stir well, and enjoy!

I added some home made avocado-oil mayonnaise to mine and it was just amazingly delicious, but Ryn left his the way it was – that was good too! I’ll add the recipe for home made mayo soon!

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