Podcast 030: Tulsi & Formulating Absent Friends

Since it’s Herbstalk’s 2018 Herb of the Year, Katja wants to finally give Tulsi its due with a quick monograph for you today! As promised last time, Ryn shares an exercise in herbal formulation: attempting to re-create the actions and qualities of an herb you don’t have, by mixing together several other herbs. We each…

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Podcast 029: Sore Throat Herbs & Classic Cancer Cure-alls

After seeing Rising Appalachia the other night, Katja wanted to sing! She sang so much she gave herself a sore throat. So today she’ll tell you all about her favorite herbs for soothing sore throats! Ryn breaks down a couple of “classic cancer cure-all” formulae you may have heard of: Hoxsey and Essiac. He talks…

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Podcast 028: Herbal Allies for Eating Disorders & Herbal Muscle Rub

Katja shares her thoughts on herbal supports for those who are coping with eating disorders. Herbs can help reduce anxiety, center us in the body, stimulate appetite, and make it easier to manage cravings. Ryn gives you some guidelines for building a warming, relaxing herbal muscle rub. This will help speed recovery after an intense…

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Podcast 027: Exploring Energetics With Our Book & Getting Through A Tough Day

Ryn describes a method you can use to expand your understanding of energetics by comparing ailment profiles and the herbs recommended for them in our book. If you love lists, this is for you! Katja shares her best strategies for getting through a day when you wake up feeling zonked – from uncoffee to yerba mate formulation…

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Podcast 026: A Woman In (Herbal) Science & Heartburn 1-2-3

This week Katja has some thoughts about the number of syllables in neuraminidase and what it means to be a woman in science. Ryn tries to keep it simple with a basic protocol for heartburn. Mentioned in this podcast: Behave, Robert Sapolsky Student-faculty research suggests Oreos can be compared to drugs of abuse in lab…

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Podcast 025: Anti-Inflammatory Herbs Beyond Turmeric & Dreaming With Mugwort

Turmeric is a great herb and an effective anti-inflammatory, but it’s not the be-all end-all it’s sometimes made out to be, usually by folks who want to sell it to you! This week Katja shares some other anti-inflammatory herbs you may not have considered. Meanwhile, Ryn’s been thinking about dreaming – or dreaming about thinking?…

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Podcast 024: Taco Seasoning Herbs & -Ency vs -Icity

This week Katja talks about the herbs that defined taco seasoning in her Texas upbringing, and their qualities when as medicinal herbs. Along the way, she takes a moment to appreciate the life of World War I herbalist and author, Maud Grieve. Ryn goes over an important lesson in phytochemistry – that no one compound…

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Podcast 023: Schisandra & Peppermint

No, that’s not an herbal tea pairing suggestion! This week, Katja sets off on a 100-day experiment with schisandra berries, and Ryn discusses the nuances of peppermint’s energetics – is it warming or cooling? Listen in and find out what we think! Don’t forget! Herbal Medicine for Beginners, our first book, is available for pre-order…

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Podcast 022: A Movement & 3 Herbs For Back Pain

This week Ryn walks you through a short movement sequence he finds helpful when his low back gets tense, and Katja shares (most of) a recipe for a tincture blend that also helps tense muscles – the rest is to be found in our book! Find the video of the kneebend sequence here! And while…

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Podcast 021: Herbs for Braces & Constituents from the Plant’s Perspective

This week Katja shares some allies who’ve helped out with the (several!) kinds of pain which accompany her braces – gentle vulnerary astringents for the cuts in the mouth, anodynes for the bone pain, and a special guest to help drain fluids from the sinus. Ryn talks about one way we try to understand herbal…

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Podcast 020: Birth-Day Herbs & Support The Mama

Katja’s daughter Amber is about to turn 15 years old, so this week Katja reflects on her birth experience and offers up some herbs to help mamas in the last stages of pregnancy, and Ryn shares one of his favorite Mama-support formulas. Herbs discussed include lobelia, ginger, betony, ghost pipe, chamomile, kava, & vanilla. Mentioned…

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Podcast 019: Good Health Is Your Responsibility

We say it every week: we are not doctors, you are responsible for your own good health. This week, we wanted to expand on that a bit more, explain the philosophy behind it, and the reasons we think it’s so important to our practice as herbalists. We discuss the differences between conventional and traditional systems…

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