Homemade Baby Formula

Breast is often best, but what do you do when that’s not possible? Even the organic baby formulas are highly processed and highly sweetened – not a desirable option, and the conventional standard Similac, which is 40% corn syrup and 10% sucrose, is even worse. Plus, food allergies are an issue even for babies! Here…

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Grain-Free Granola!

Going grain-free often hurts most at breakfast – weekday mornings can be too busy for bacon and eggs, and we need something fast to grab for. How about granola and coconut milk! Nuts are not no-carb, but this recipe is low-carb, especially if you are careful to use unsweetened dried berries. I like Goji berries…

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Almond Meal Pancakes

Going grain-free but craving sweets? These pancakes come in low under the carb radar (not completely carb-free, but quite low). A tablespoon of good dark Grade B maple syrup only has 17g of carbs, plus good mineral content, so use plenty of ghee and a bit of maple and you can have your bacon, and…

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Spring Root Salad

It’s a liver tonic! It’s high in probiotic-friendly inulin! Not only that, it comes with its own probiotics! It’s crunchy and delicious! It’s exactly what you need this time of year! Last night I was craving something a little different, and this is what came out of it. It’s a good thing I made such…

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French Eggs – What to Eat for Breakfast!

A frequent recommendation we make is to cut back on carbs. Our current culture typically eats a very high percentage of the diet as carbohydrates, and just isn’t exercising (by which I actually mean, moving) enough. These two in combination is a sure path to insulin resistance – a root cause of so many modern…

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Our first book is here!

This is the perfect introduction to a powerful yet manageable apothecary of 35 herbs and teach you how to apply them to common ailments.

We keep it simple and practical, and along the way teach you how to think effectively about herbs & herbalism, laying the foundations for deeper study.

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