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Not Everything Is Going To Be Perfect.

For those of us who are actively experimenting and taking action to improve our health, who are carefully noticing that what we eat or how…

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My Favorite Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Substitutes

Even if you avoid gluten and dairy products, sometimes you still want a bagel and cream cheese. Obviously, gluten free/dairy free substitute treats are still…

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Fun Free Videos!

This year, we’ve been making short herbal videos to celebrate every holiday we can think of! We pick one or two herbs for each one…

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Trauma and Story

As an herbalist in these times, the reality is that we deal with trauma, and the effects of trauma on people’s lives. Herbs play a…

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A Tea for Change

Ok, you guys. I’ve been eating WAY too much sugar lately, and it’s time to reign that in. So this morning I woke up, made…

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De-stigmatizing Self-Harm

If the first thing we think when we hear the words self-harm is something like cutting, or drug or alcohol abuse, especially if those are…

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Harm Reduction for Everyone

Usually, when you hear the words “harm reduction”, you’re thinking about illegal drugs or perhaps alcohol abuse. Needle exchange is a good example: if someone…

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notCoffee is notBad!

As promised in the post about moving your body in spite of body issues, here is my recipe for notCoffee. No, it’s not coffee. But…

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Movement for People who Hate to Move

I LOVE Katy Bowman. Like, a lot. Like, I wish I could buy a house next-door to her so we could be besties. Instead, we…

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Ginger Chamomile Cookies

Ginger Chamomile is my favorite after dinner or bedtime tea… Today I decided to try it as a cookie!

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N’Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Yesterday, we were really craving oatmeal raisin cookies, but I typically avoid oats, even gluten free oats. So we made them with no oats at…

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Paleo Apple Fritters

OMG. This morning I was getting some groceries, and there were apple fritters for some reason in the produce section. Probably to tempt people who…

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